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At Dunedin Cyclery, we strive to keep your bike in the best possible condition. Whether you need your cables adjusted or a complete overhaul, we'll take care of you. 

We have an excellent repair shop with experienced mechanics.  We can fix, install, and assemble almost anything bike related. Mechanics are working on weekends, too, for faster turnarounds.  

We work on a first-come, first-served basis, so be aware that during peak season, you may need to leave your bike a day or two.

We have standard service packages below, however bikes rarely have the same needs. Bring your bike in and let a mechanic look it over. Describe any mechanical problems you have been having as specifically as you can and tell them what you want accomplished. By the end of the conversation they can usually give you an accurate estimate of what it will cost. If you love an old bike because of the way it feels, fits, or handles and want to restore it, we are here to figure out exactly how to make that possible.

Maintenance Service packages:

Check-up:  Checks wheels, brakes, bearing and drivetrain components. Makes adjustments as needed to help ensure an efficient ride. Only recommended for bikes in good/clean basic condition. Services above and beyond listed will be done at an additional charge.

Tune Up:  A more detailed service for bikes needing more than a once over. Trues wheels and adjusts wheel bearings. Adjusts headset and bottom bracket. Adjusts brake system. Adjusts drivetrain and shifters. Lubricate brake and drivetrain. Tighten nuts and bolts. Test ride and fine tune. Services above and beyond at an additional charge.

Super Tune:  Invigorate a well-used ride with detailing, new control cables and refined expert tuning. Includes Tune-up as shown above, complete bike detailing and drivetrain cleaning. Cable systems are removed for replacement or hand lubrication. We recommend this for folks wishing to squeeze optimum performance out of a ride, or for bikes in need of a comprehensive tune-up. Services above and beyond those listed will cost extra.

Overhaul:  The ultimate longevity improving service. Overhaul your bike annually to make it last forever. Includes the SuperTune focus and bearing overhaul. Removes all components from frame. Clean and inspect each component. Clean and inspect frame. Reinstall components with new waterproof lube. Replace worn or damaged components (parts extra) Adjust all bearing systems. True and clean wheels. Lube and adjust drivetrain and brake system. Test ride and make final adjustments.


A-la-Carte Service Menu

Install Tube and/or Tire (front or rear)
Adjust Derailleur, front
Adjust Derailleur, rear
Replace Derailleur cable front
Replace Derailleur cable rear
Adjust Brake cable (front or rear)
Replace Brake cable
Minor Wheel true
Standard Wheel true
Major Wheel true (includes spoke replacement)
Wheel Build, Custom
Package Bike for Shipping (includes standard box)
Install Chain
Install/Remove Cassette
Clean Drivetrain
Install Fenders
Install Fenders, Custom
Install or Remove pedals
Install Cleats (fitting not included)
Install Saddle
Lube / Supply / Environmental fee


Dunedin Cyclery
998 Douglas Ave
Dunedin, FL 34698




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